Nith Whitewater Experiential Learning Adventure

5 hr Instructional Trip
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Fall Paddling Experience on South Ont.'s Nith River, takes your paddling to the next level with help of our experienced instructors.
The Nith is ideal to experientially learn advanced paddling & whitewater. We've developed a route beginning on calmer water in rural Oxford county, where instructors teach paddling strokes for power, maneuvering & bracing . that progresses thru challenging waters, culminating in fastwater that tests your skills. After a morning learning techniques, enjoy a warm riverside campfire lunch at Bas Beach, including our famous Maple Chili. After lunch, test your skills navigating Swift Alley, the challenging currents of Devil's Cave plus the Level 1 and 2 rapids of Arrowhead, Big Curve, and Penman's Pass. .
Trips available in the Fall & Spring include:
' instructional day trip with experienced Paddle Canada certified guides,
' safety & paddling techniques (braces, cross bow draw, eddying, etc.
' River reading skills, understanding current & hazards
' warm campfire lunch, paddling gear PFD, Neoprene wetsuit, etc
' shuttle from parking to launch

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