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We provide Grand Experiences. amzing outdoor adventure in the Heart of South Ontario.  From winter hiking to paddling adventures and bicycle tours & hikes in the Spring & Summer, both daytrips & multi-day adventures.   Winter is an amazing time to experience the forests of Southern Ontario.  Our adventures reveal the stark beauty Mother Nature has to offer in winter.   We have some great wnter hikes in the Grand River Valley & the Nith River Forest!


If you are dreaming of the coming Spring and Summer were ataking bookings our Spring and summer 2016 adventures. We are known for trips on the Grand River, South Ontario's largest river & forest.  A Canadian Heritage River & rare Carolinian forest making a natural oasis an hour west of Toronto.    Along with paddling the Grand River Valley we offer amazing Bicycle Adventures including Tours in St. Jacobs Mennonite Country which has been awarded the Ontario Signature Experience designation.  


Our Nith river & forest trips are wilder with single track biking / hiking trails and amazing Spring whitewater.  Further out our Big Creek trips are true eco-adventures flowing thru 2 National Wildlife Areas to Long Point World Biosphere.  

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One of South Ontario's premier Outdoor Adventure companies & only one offering tours in 2 World Biospheres with 1 Day, 5 Day & 2 Day Bruce Trail Walking Tours along the Niagara Escarpment plus  Instructional Sea Kayaking Adventures on Long Point Bay

Along with regular style trips we offer Instructional trips combining top quality instruction accompanied by  a trip on one o our routes to try out your new skills.  We also provide a wide range of Paddle Canada Canoe Certification Courses from introductory to instructor level.

Award Winning Service Grand Experiences has won 15 awards for our customer service & commitment to the community & environment, including an award as the area's best Tourism Business & being chosen as a Ontario Signature Experience.  For more on our Awards. 

Media Reviews.  Since 1997 Grand Experiences has been reviewed by dozens of travel writers & media experts ranging from the Globe & Mail to the Discovery Channel.  To see a list of recent reviews check out What The Media Has to Say About Grand Experiences.

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The Nith River runs wild in the Heart of Ontario.  Almost unknown, seeming small in summer, but Spring rain pumps up its volume making it 1 of South Ontario’s best paddling experiences.  

The Nith offers everything from scenery to discovering lost history & an amazing whitewater experience.   The mysterious Nith River wanders 150 kilometres thru forests & meadows across a region & 3 counties in rural South Central Ontario, with hardly anyone knowing where it is.  With the urbanization of South Ontario, Communities were abandoned along the Nith River were taken back by the forest they were once carved out of, with only traces left, making for an interesting paddle.

Our Upper Nith River Experience is a calmer guided trip by canoe or kayak along an unhurried scenic route, explores the Nith River's scenery & history without whitewater.  Most of it has a 4 foot / mile elevation drop  making easy flows, with an occasional riffle thrown in to make it interesting. 

After providing great scenic paddling, the Nith changes its nature by Paris, from an experiential to a teaching river.  As it winds along quicker flows change river bends to switchbacks with elevation drops, creating opportunities to improve skills with brace strokes as you cross eddy lines.  The last 3 km elevation drop grows to 20 ft/mile & the Nith brings excitment with non-stop whitewater for a big finish.

Our Adventures on the lower Nith River focus on whitewater excitement.  An excellent route to for whitewater skills.  While North Ont./Canadian Shield rivers have huge rocks, the Nith as a southern river has a gravel base & few rocks.  Its rapids, created by elevation drop, are mainly waves of water, not water wrapping around rocks.  

Our lower Nith run with its rush of early Spring Run-off is a trip anyone can do in our Whitewater Rafting Adventures.  For more experienced paddlers we offer guided whitewater daytrips by canoe & kayak in April & May.  For people new to whitewater paddling or desiring some new skills we offer  1 day instructional whitewater trips,  And we have options for overnights on theses trips.

For a full experience our 2 day Nith River Adventure Getaway is the best of both.  1 day exploring the scenic & historic upper Nith where you can practice skills with your experienced guide.  Then on day 2 uou do a 1/2 day of full instruction then tackle the exciting whitewater section with the benefit of the extra experience plus a relaxing night at the Historic Arlington Hotel.

We also offer groups trips with multiday packages & camping as an option.

For reviews of our Nith River Adventures check out theses reviews by noted travel writers

Toronto Star - Spring in Paris a Wet & Wild Experience   

GoodLife Magazine - Rafting on the Nith     


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Bruce Trail Waterfall Walks

Imagine being immersed in a scenic getaway full of waterfalls, Carolinian forests, with Canada's widest range of plants & wildlife species. Our Bruce Trail Waterfall Walk provide you with a unique tour in one of Southern Ontario's most scenic locations. Full of gorgeous and relaxing waterfalls, the Bruce Trail is the ultimate place to be for all scenic lovers.

Whether you simply enjoy hiking, taking photos, want to get away for a couples or girl's weekends, or simply just want to experience the exhilarting waterfall rush of Spring, the lush forst canopy of summer, or the beautiful view of Fall Colours on the Escarpment, the Trail has to a grand experience to offer you.

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Choose from 2 fantastic options tailored to you so you can relax & enjoy your vacation in style

5 Day/ 4 Night Tour which featuring a tour of 28 different waterfalls and a variety of other breath taking views along the way, luxury accomodations, gourmet meals & experienced guides

Available 2016 Dates:: May 14-18,  June 10-14,  Sept 12-16,  Sept 30-Oct 4  


Other dates avaialble on request for groups depending on availability  Contact us to request dates



2 Day/ 2 Night Tour that features 19 stunning waterfalls, & many other scenic views, 2 luxury accomodations, gourmet meals & experienced guides

Available dates: May 15-17, May 29-31,  June 12-14, Aug 21-23, Sept 14-16, Oct 2-4, Oct 16 - 18

Other dates avaialble on request for groups of 4 or more


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Step back in time to a simpler life with a taste of adventure on a two day cycling tour. Experience St. Jacobs Mennonite Country, touring its Grand River Valley setting on bicycles, paddling the Canadian Heritage River by canoe and discovering the beautiful simplicity of Old Order Mennonite Culture.

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Cycling along trails, buggy lanes & farm roads, you visit fascinating craftsmen folk artisans and enjoy authentic Mennonite cuisine. Enjoy the Boutique hotel, with all the luxuries of modern life. Then wake up to an early morning of behind the scenes at St. Jacobs Village shops and famous market as well as sampling locally crafted beer from Block 3 Brewery.  History, culture, art, story tellers, a great place to stay and a beautiful landscape, the Path Less Travelled has it all!

The Path Less Travelled bicycle tour of St. Jacobs Country has been given the rare & prestigous designation Ontario Signature Experience by the Tourisum Industry Association of Ontario.

We also have a Day Trip version of the package.


Voyages Into Paradise

Experience Southern Ontario's 2 Natural Paradises

Grand River & Royal Botanical Gardens

on a 2 Day/2 Night Getaway in the Heart of Ontario

2015 Dates Available for Booking Now   

2015 Dates May 22-24, June 26-28, July 24-26, Aug 21-23

*custom dates possible for group bookings. Call for availabilty


A Native themed journey along the Grand River in 12 person Voyageur Canoes combine a rare Carolinian Forest Paradise with the cultivated beauty of the World Famous Royal Botanical Gardens, including a behind-the-scenes tour of some our most remakable garden surrounding Cootes Paradise. 


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Spend a day exploring the Grand in the elegance & power of traditional 12-passenger voyager canoes travelling the 'Highway of the Iroquois'. Learn about our Paradises' history thru encounters with a First Nations Storyteller.  Paddle to his campfire site at Turtle Island, where he'll share legends, dance & music at his campfire on his secluded island in the heart of the Grand River's rare Carolinian Forest.

Enjoy your second day discovering the beauty of Nature with a behind-the-scenes tour of the World Famous Royal Botanical Gardens along with a guided Voyageur Canoe tour of Cootes Paradise, a restorative nature work in progress.

Overnight experience luxury through a 2-night stay at Burlington's Waterfront Hotel with all the amenities you'd expect in Paradise.   Enoy an incredible provision of meals. Enjoy exotic gourmet aboriginal themed lunch & classic garden lunches on your excursions plus choose from 2 of the area's best restaurants, from fine dining to rustic cottage with fantastic waterfront view.


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