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Grand River Valley Hiking - Group

Our Hiking Experience is a little wilder hike into the Grand River Valley. Your experienced guide teaches you to navigate a 4 hr route through semi wilderness, with nature interpretation, orienteering, you will view wildlife and experience an amazing natural landscape. . - Fall Colours Adventure Sale 20% Off

Long Point Hiking Experience - Group

Experience Hiking in a World Bisophere Reserve. a hidden gem on Ontario's South Coast along Lake Erie. Well-preserved rare Carolinian forest is Canada's most bio-diverse, featuring many old growth trees, up to 400 years old, & rare species such as North America's largest stands of Tulip Trees. Your experienced guide teaches you to navigate a 4 hr route through a 20 sq km semi wilderness, with nature interpretation & orienteering. You'll discover an amazing natural landscape few know exists in Southern Ont. . - Adventure Sale Save 20%

Youth Cayuga Run Self-Guided River Trip - Group

The 3 hour adventure-filled Cayuga run is our most popular route. Mainly calm water with Low-key rapids that add fun & excitement, interspersed with leisurely paddling through scenic woodland, makes this a great trip for beginners & requires no special skill.

Youth Group Self-Guided Grand Experiences at Bingemans - Group

2 hour paddling experiences for youth groups is a popular event. Lots of fun for leaders & youth paddling a calm section of the Grand along its scenic wooded shoreline. Viewing turtles, ducks & Great Blue Heron along the route makes this a great trip for beginners & intermediate paddlers.

Grand River - Guided Youth Daytrip - Group

This Grand adventure is a 4 hour tour with a paddle plus a hike launching from our private docks at our century-old Outfitters Shop in downtown Paris. Outside of Paris you leave civilization behind as nature offers plenty to see & do on this trip. This run is mostly a relaxing paddle, with dashes of small rapids to keep your interest piqued.

Bingemans Guided Youth-trip Adventure - Schools, Scouts, etc. - Guided

3 hour adventure on the Grand River from Bingeman's in Kitchener. Leave civilization behind as nature offers plenty to see and do on relaxing section of the Grand. view Great Blue Herons, Ospreys, Mallard ducks, turtles and perhaps white-tailed deer along the riverbanks.

Youth Eco-adventure - Group

Explore the wild nature of Big Creek, Canada's southernmost wilderness style canoe route. It's like exploring the Amazon as you travel through thick Carolinian forest and deep, slow moving water under the canopy of trees.

Turtle Island Youth Group Experience - Group

The Grand River, also known as the Highway of the Iroquois, is an iconic artifact of Canadian history. Discover the river as the first traders would have done, in the elegance and power of Voyageur Canoes. You will be accompanied by a Paddle Canada certified river guide, who will steer your canoe allowing you to paddle together in the spirit of the first nations and voyagers. Your guide will reveal rare flora and fauna of the Carolinian Forest to a natural amphitheater where you and your group will receive a traditional welcome from a First Nations Storyteller. Watch and listen as the Storyteller brings history to life with captivating First Nations Myths and Legends. Finish an incredible day with the stories and culture of the First Nations peoples still fresh in your mind

Guided 2 day /1 night Youth River Trip - Group

2 day 1 night Overnight Camping Trip on our historic Cayuga Run to Brant Conservation Area

Grand River Guided 2 day /1 night Youth Trip - Group

2 day/1 night excursion on the Grand River with a night of camping at Brant Conservation Area