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6 hr Instructional Trip
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Take your paddling to the next level through our experiential learning session combining lessons as well as a canoe or kayak trip along a diverse stretch of river. Whether you're a novice or seasoned paddler this trip will leave you with a new sense of confidence out on the water.

Your full day experience begins in the morning with your Paddle Canada Instructor learning important safety paddling techniques on a calm water (the perfect spot to get acquainted with paddling). Learn canoe strokes such as draws and 'J" strokes and kayak strokes like sweeps, C's and braces. Your instructor will show you how to read the river and know what strokes to use in different conditions.
In the afternoon you will head out on the Grand River for a paddling excursion with your instructor.
The trip allows you to put your new skills into practice in the real world and by the end of the day you will be paddling the river like a pro.

- All equipment plus shuttle service
- Morning lessons with certified Paddle Canada Instructor
- Canoe or Kayak, canoeist earn a Canoe Basic Skills Paddle Canada Cert.
- Afternoon guided trip on Grand River with your instructor

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Order by phone, or on-line with the form below. available Sundays Apr to Oct
Available any day for groups of 4 or more
Note: Date is required to book but dates are flexible & you can chang eyiru date at any time.

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