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Voyage of the Iroquois - Guided

Voyage of the Iroquois is a remarkable aboriginal theme Group daytrip on the Grand River by Voyageur Canoe. Launching from our docks on the Grand River in Paris, ON. you travel downstream in stable, comfortable 12-passenger voyager canoes, piloted by our expert guides. The final destination of your voyage is the Turtle Island campfire site of a First Nations Story-teller

Bingemans Grand River Rafting Experience - Self-Guided

The Grand River a self-guided daytrip floating done the Grand River comfortable single person River Tubes or 6 to 8 person Raft. Perfect trip for families, friends, & couples to chill out on a warm summer day. Operating on the Grand at Bingemans Entertainment Centre & Resort Campground, there's so much more to experience after after your river trip .

True Colours Team Building Workshop - Group

True Colours is for learning to understand different personalities and use this understanding to work more effectively with different people. For enhanced teamwork, better customer service. True Colours provides insight in how to have better relations between people in any organization.

Bingemans Paddle and Play Corporate Experience - Group

Self-guided group canoe, kayak &/or rafting experiences at Bingemans on the Grand River. Leisurely 2 hour adventure on relaxing section of the Grand starting from the private launch at Bingemans riverside entertainment centre. Groups can paddle & play adding delicious catered meals & any of Bingemans many other attractions from mini golf to paint ball

Youth Self-Guided River Trip Paris- Brant - Group

The 3 hour adventure-filled Cayuga run is our most popular route. Mainly calm water with Low-key rapids that add fun & excitement, interspersed with leisurely paddling through scenic woodland, makes this a great trip for beginners & requires no special skill.

Bingemans Grand Corporate Adventure - Guided - Group

Guided group adventure on the Grand River at Bingemans Riverside Event & Entertainment Centre. A leisurely 2 hr. paddle with no portages on a relaxing section of the Grand. Led by experienced Paddle Canada Certified Guides. Just for fun or a seriously fun team building event.

Bingemans Youth Group Self-Guided Grand Experience - Group

2 hour paddling experiences for youth groups is a popular event. Lots of fun for leaders & youth paddling a calm section of the Grand along its scenic wooded shoreline. Viewing turtles, ducks & Great Blue Heron along the route makes this a great trip for beginners & intermediate paddlers.

Bingemans Hourly Canoe, Kayak & Bike Rentals - Self-Guided

Rent & pickup our Canoes, Kayaks or Bicycles from Grand Experiences at Bingemans & take them wherever you'd like! Our new location at Bingeman's provide great convenient service the Kitchener-Waterloo area *Trips with Shuttle are Separate Trips

Grand River - Guided Youth Daytrip - Group

This Grand adventure is a 4 hour tour with a paddle plus a hike launching from our private docks at our century-old Outfitters Shop in downtown Paris. Outside of Paris you leave civilization behind as nature offers plenty to see & do on this trip. This run is mostly a relaxing paddle, with dashes of small rapids to keep your interest piqued.

Paddling the Grand Self-Guided Group Trip - Group

1/2 day Group adventure launching from our private docks in Paris. Leisurely paddle on relaxing section of the Grand with few small swifts to keep your interest piqued as you journey through scenic rare Carolinian Forest. . -