A Show for the Adventurer at Heart

This weekend, Grand Experiences will be at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure show and let me tell you, I’m excited. We have been going to that show for almost 20 years, and never once had a boring experience.

One of the most memorable groups of people that I’ve ever met at the show, was a group of women who were in their 80’s. These octogenarians met us at the Adventure Show and ended up signing up for and doing a rather rigorous hiking and kayaking trip through the Grand River Valley in the middle of the summer. These ladies never once balked at the intensity of the trip and have since come back to experience more of what our community has to offer.

I have been at that show twice during the Olympics, and once when Team Canada was playing the Americans for Gold and everyone was in the back watching the game. I have driven to the show in blizzards and I have been at that show when the weather is beautiful, and spring seems just around the corner.  

However, the weather never seems to deter the people that are looking for their next fun family adventure. We have met so many different people at the show, from the young to the old. We see new adventurers and old friends alike. There is never a dull moment at the show and that’s half the fun.

Over the years, we’ve gotten to watch the interest for Outdoor Adventures increase and we’ve seen a change in the demographics. Again, the main focus of the show is the people that you meet and we have noticed a huge increase in the number of young families with children coming out to the show. It was from this show, that we realized how well-equipped we were to handle children on our trips.

We have also seen an increase in interest for our Long Point Trips over the past few years and we always tell our clients that if they haven’t tried this out yet, that they really should. It’s a completely different experience from paddling the Grand. Coming from Waterloo or Toronto, people often remark that they could not imagine feeling this close to nature anywhere else. Our Long Point and Big Creek trips take this trek into nature a step further, touring a world biosphere and one of the most significant natural spaces in Southern Ontario.

As I said before, we’ve been going to this show for almost 20 years now, since 1998 to be exact. We’re never surprised when we see an old face, and we are always excited when they come over and chat about a trip they went on with Grand Experiences. Sometimes it’s our previous customers who end up selling these trips better than we ever could, and for that we’re always thankful.

The Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show is a great time for all ages and demographics, and we’re excited to say that we’re going to be there again this year at the South Western Ontario Tourism’s booth, presenting for Norfolk County.

It’s the trips that bring everyone together, and we’re excited for yet another year of fun people looking for their next fun adventure. Are you coming?

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