Not for the Faint of Heart - The Lower Nith

The Lower Nith river is where mystery gives way to adventure and the river comes to its grand finale. The Lower Nith comes to a fantastic boil of class 1 to 2 rapids as it empties out into the Grand River, giving your average adventurer a thrill ride along one of Ontario’s best whitewater trips.

With few rock hazards due to a gravel base, this part of the river is a fantastic playground for both intermediate and advanced paddlers looking to test their mettle against one of the most exciting rivers in Southern Ontario.

Travellers can practice maneuvers like eddy turns and surfing waves, all of this before paddling exciting features like Swift Alley, and the deceptive currents of Devil’s Cave. Then it’s on to the big finish, tackling exhilarating rapids at Arrowhead, Big Curve and Penman’s Pass.

We offer instructed trips led by Paddle Canada certified guides that average 10 years experience instructing and guiding on the Nith, along with guided trips where more experienced paddler can skip the lesson and head straight for the fun.

In the early spring (and sometimes the late autumn), the brown winter melt floods the river plain and the Nith is stirred into a fast-moving frenzy.

You’ll find yourself paddling past half-submerged trees and waterlogged structures that mark where the banks will eventually recede. In the downtime between rapids and fast moving currents, you can scan the skies for birds of prey or white-tailed deer. Keep your eyes peeled for the spot where one of our guides found a fifty-year old skull, a mystery that still never been solved.

Prepare to get wet from the cool splashing waves that seem to inevitably make their way up over the raft, but worry not… You’ll land right near our downtown outfitters where you can gear down and head out to one of Paris’ many pubs or coffee shops.

The Nith has an adventure for everyone, and if you’re ready the rollercoaster waves at the end of this mysterious river could be the trip for you. Book now, as this seasonal trip only lasts a couple of months.