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5 hr Group Trip
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Our Journeys of Discovery - Search for Lost Communities program builds your groups hiking &/or paddling skills plus incorporates 0rienteering & outdoor survival skills with experiencing the environment plus exploring the region's history & cultures.
Participants learn to use the most modern navigation methods for orienteering using GPS and computer tablets (iPads & smart phones) plus traditional compasses & topographic maps. They will also learn to use 'Nature's GPS', orienteering by the sun & natural landmarks and looking at the stars during our overnight camping to learn how they can provide directions for our Journey.

Training Day Trip
Guided hike into Barkers Bush along the Nith River, just north-west of Paris.
Hiking along a network of single track trails / footpaths in the forest, the Group learns navigation & orienteering skills. It is a great a place to learn orienteering as the trails twist, turn & split off into different directions in the forest. Along with orienteering, participants learn other survival skills such as how to build a lean-to for shelter & how to make a campfire to cook their lunch on.
Cost: $49/person + HST Includes experienced guides, lunch, orienteering equipment & instruction.
Location: Paris. Hike begins just a 15 minute from Grand Experiences' base.

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