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An all-inclusive 2 day/1 night experience on the best of the Grand River, hiking, paddling &/or biking along a Canadian Heritage River with rare Carolinian forest & historic riverside communities. Led by experienced, Paddle Canada certified guides helping you explore the Grand River Valley, nature plus history. Then in the evening relaxing in luxury overnight at the historic Arlington Hotel with your choice of dinner at one of 3 great Paris Restaurants.

Offered: May - October
Length: 2 days - 1 night
Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate.
(4-5 hour paddle, bike &/or hike each day)

Day one Each day you have the option of canoeing, kayaking or bicycling. Ask about more options for bike tours. Day one is the pristine Oneida Run, a secluded section of the Grand River & TransCanada Trail stretching from the village of Glen Morris to the historic town of Paris. One of the most scenic paddles & rides in Southern Ontario, with mild moving water plus long stretches of calm pools and beautiful scenery. The Grand travels through a deep valley of Carolinian forest. The Carolinian Forest is rare, found in only 1% of Canada, and contains a wide a range of flora & fauna normally found much further south. It is the most bio-diverse area in the country. Our Guides are Paddle Canada certified, and have years of experience on the river as well as training with the flora, fauna and history of the Grand River region. We'll lead you through all the best channels in the river and reveal sights normally missed including: Osprey & Bald Eagle habitat, a natural Spring flowing like a fountain out of a rock, places to swim and a 300 year old sycamore tree. The tree is hollow and can be climbed 25 feet from the inside, and yet is still alive. Midway through the trip your guide will lead you on a hike through the Carolinian Forest to find 'The Tree', and then up an old Deer Run to the top of Spottiswood bluffs overlooking the Grand River. The Oneida leads to a landing in Paris, often called one of the prettiest Towns in Canada.

Night For the evening your accommodations are at the historic Arlington Hotel in Paris. Your room is beautifully decorated & equipped for a relaxing overnight experience ith delicious meals at a choice of several great restaurants.

Day Two is the historic Cayuga Run. Your journey launches from our Century & a 1/2 Outfitters shop on the banks of the Grand in downtown Paris. Again its your choice of canoe, kayak or bicycle. Ask about more options for bike tours.

The first leg of this journey takes you past the famous artist snapshot of Paris on the Grand. Just outside Paris you re-enter the Carolinian Forest and drift past Mile Hill. With its high elevation it provides a great vantage point for Osprey, scanning the Grand River for fish. Mile Hill is also home to a series of old Gypsum Mines dating back to the 1830's. Gypsum was used to make Plaster of Paris, and thus the town was named. Long since abandoned, the old mine shafts provide a quick way for the Hill's natural Springs to race out of the hillside and flow into the river. Drinking the cool, clean spring water on a hot summer day is a great experience. A little further down one of the 180 year old mines shafts has escaped years of erosion and is still visible from the river. For lunch your guide will take you on a hike to the Lookout on the Trail of the White Cedar. You will hear the history of the forgotten Neutral Tribe, pass a large blue-heron rookery and visit one of the coldest creeks in Southern Ontario, famous for trout fishing. Near the end visit Sarah's Island, the largest island in the Grand, and see a red-tail hawk nest and the home of a bank beaver. Past the island is your final destination - Brant Conservation Area. Brant is a large Conservation Area with a scenic riverfront stretching several kilometres along the Banks of the Grand, plus many kilometres of inland hiking trails. White-tail Deer and Bald Eagles make their home in Brant, as do raccoons, possums, and Great Blue Herons.

Cost: $249 /person plus HST
Based on double Occupancy

Package includes Choice of canoe or kayak & all equipment, shuttle rides, guide, riverside lunches, overnight Lodge accommodations, dinner & breakfast. You an also opt for a guided bicycle tour in place of paddling 1 of the days.

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