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True Colours explores how while every person person is unique, we tend to share distinct sets of characteristics with groups of people.
True Colors uses colour to name distinct sets of characteristics. Each colour represents a primary characteristic group.
Knowing someone's character helps you understand them better. It clarifies how they feel about & view things. It communicates how they think, what they're good at, what motivates them.

Grand Experiences' Jamie Kent is a True Colours Facilitator who combines True Colours training with outdoor adventure provides an easy, entertaining way to understand your own character plus that of others.
We also offer True Colours as a stand alone workshop that we will deliver at your workplace or off site meeting. Workshops can range from as little as 2 hours for True Colours presentation overview, testing and mini workshop, to a full 1/2 day workshop will with specific application to your organization in team building, customer service, etc.

Benefits of True Colours' Training
Begins with recognizing participants' own character first, and enables people to make their best contributions.
Recognizing & acknowledging the character of others promotes harmony & co-operation.
Improving personal understanding promotes interpersonal skills & team building.
Identifying character with True Colours' is a valuable tool for professional & personal success in areas ranging from management, to customer service.
Take your group on a voyage of discovery to arrive at a better team environment with True Colours.

See our Grand Quest Package for True Colours combined with an Outdoor Team Building Adventure

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Standard price
$59/person with client supplied venue
$119/person with venure supplied by Grand Experiences
7 person minimum charge

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