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The Nith River Adventure - Guided

Experience wilder adventure on mysterious Nith River. The Nith is a little-known nearby & natural river winding through forests in rural Oxford County. An amazing paddling adventure finishing with an exhilarating white water stretch. . - . Save 15% on Boxing Week/PreSeason Adventure Sale

Big Creek Eco-Adventure - Guided

Full day trip Exploring the Wild on Big Creek, Canada's southernmost wilderness style paddling route. It's closer than you think. Known as Canada's Amazon, experience slow moving water flowing under a thick canopy of rare Rain Carolinian Forest. A true guided eco-adventure, with a microbrewery side tour to complete the experience . - . Save 15% with Pre-Season Adventure Sale

Learning to Paddle - Instructional

Experiential learning combining lessons from a Paddle Canada Instructor followed by a paddling trip along a diverse stretch of river. Put your new skills into practice in the real world while being coaching by your Instructor . - . Save 10% with Pre-Season Adventure Sale

Nith River Experiential Learning Adventure - Instructional

Take your paddling to the Next Level, learning to explore a wilder river. Hidden 'Off the Grid' in Southwest Ontario. Nith is 1 of few southern rivers with significant forest & whitewater. Learn & experience advanced paddling safely in hands of experienced Guides. Exhilarating experience available early Spring April to midMay. Signature Experience for Southwest Ont. . Save 15% with Pre-Season Adventure Sale

Nith River Forest Hiking Experience - Guided

The Mysterious Nith's beautiful old Forests hidden in rural valleys of Oxford County/South Central Ont. offer amazing settings for Interpretative hikes, exploring wildlife & folklore of early Canadian settlements lost in the forest & a vanished First Nations Tribe. , - . Save 10% with Pre-Season Adventure Sale

Long Point World Biosphere Hiking - Guided

Few know old growth forests exist nearby, off the beaten path in South Central Ontario. And it's rare Carolinian Forest, Canada's most biodiverse, in a designated World Biosphere on Ontario's South Coast. Come discover an amazing interpretative hiking experience. This large diverse Forest is incredible in Fall and Winter Save 10% with Pre-Season Adventure Sale.

Nith River Wildwater Rafting Experience - Guided

First of Spring brings whitewater rafting on South Ontario's Nith River ' for limited time only! For groups of 4 or more hardy adventurers, this is truly an experience you won't believe is so close to home . -10% Off with Pre-Season Booking Discount

2 Day Nith River Experiential Learning Adventure - Package - Guided

Discover the mysterious Nith River, running wild across the heart of South Central Ontario. Unbelievable 2 Day wilderness style paddling route that appears in the early Spring, Take your paddling to the next level with a Experience Learning Adventure Signature Experience Just 1 hour west of Toronto, 90 minutes from Niagara, 2.5 hours East of Windsor. . Save 10% with Pre-Season Adventure Sale

Upper Nith River Experience - Guided

Venture down South Central Ont's back-country on a seldom traveled hidden river, filled with allure & adventure. Intriguing culture/lost communities & natural history, waiting for you to discover. Amazing scenery with sprawling forest valleys, tall grass prairies, towering bluffs & a mysterious untamed river making for a challenging, rewarding adventure. Best in April - June . Save 15% with Pre-Season Adventure Sale .

Grand River Experience - Guided

Guided experience paddling a Canadian Heritage River in the heart of South Ontario. The Grand, South Ontario's largest river, flows through rare Carolinian forests rich with diverse wildlife. Trip is a leisurely paddle through scenic woodland, on calmer water with occasional swifts to add some fun. . Save 10% with Pre-Season Adventure Sale