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The Grand River, also known as the Highway of the Iroquois, is an iconic artifact of Canadian history. Discover the river as the first traders would have done, in the elegance and power of Voyageur Canoes. These canoes, also known as War Canoes, are incredibly stable and accommodate up to 12 passengers. You will be accompanied by a Paddle Canada certified river guide, who will steer your canoe allowing you to paddle together in the spirit of the first nations and voyagers. Your guide will also be trained in the area's history and the Carolinian forest which runs along both sides of the Grand River. Your guide will reveal rare flora and fauna, while teaching you about the river's history. The journey is to a secluded campsite in the untouched Carolinian Forest where ancient hardwoods form a natural amphitheater. There you will receive a traditional welcome from a First Nations Storyteller.

Our authentic Native storyteller, has an extensive background in First Nations history and the Grand River. Watch and listen as the Storyteller brings history to life with captivating First Nations Myths and Legends. Let him enthrall you with his mesmerizing flute playing, a haunting and beautiful tribute to a far off time. After your experience your guide will lead you on short paddle to our landing in Brant Conservation Area. Finish an incredible day with the stories and culture of the First Nations peoples still fresh in your mind.
No canoeing experience necessary. Voyageur Canoes are lead by experienced guides includes all paddling gear

Available for groups of 6 or more on following dates: May 9, May, 23, June 13, July 12, Aug. 15
Available on demand any date for groups of 20 or more people.

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