Glen Morris to Paris - Grand River Daytrip

3 hr Self-Guided Trip
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Nature, culture, and history each play their part on this Grand adventure. Take in the scenic woodland of Ontario's Carolinian Forest as it slowly slips by. Enjoy gentle bends that gradually descend through mild swifts. This Heritage River is one of Canada's best kept secrets ' not to mention its most diverse ecosystem. As flashing ripples pass, birds of every feather glide overhead and greet you by the water's edge. If you didn't spot the osprey or the heron, look closely for the beaver and the muskrat. If you didn't hear the coyote howl, listen closely for the woodpecker. On the Grand River, there's a new experience around every corner. Railway monuments to a culture of years past loom ominously and bring to mind Gondor's Gates of Argonath. The train may no longer run but the imagination does. Upon closer inspection, a sloping embankment hides a cold, dark, freshwater cave. A stop for lunch is accompanied by the river's whispers as daylight begins to fade from the forest floor. These waters have carried more people and stories than could ever be known. With Glen Morris far behind the river hastens to Paris where another rich cultural history is waiting to be told. This is the quintessential way to explore Ontario. This is the song that previous paddles have sung. This is the Grand Experience.

County of Brant charges a river access fee for groups of 4 or more people on this route. Fee payable with your reservation. This route also has a 150 foot portage at the end.
Our similar Paris to Brant Park Run launches from Grand Experiences' private river launch & does not require County's fee.

- your boat and all paddling gear
- experienced Paddle Canada certified guide
- shuttle service from trip's landing back to free parking in Paris

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