Big Creek Eco-Adventure

5 hr Guided Trip
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Imagine a full day expedition into Ontario's rare and mysterious Carolinian forest. As dense as an Amazonian rain forest, the only way to make it through this eco-adventure is on the seldom traveled water route known as Big Creek. Birds of prey hide in the dark canopy overhead, giant toads croak in a throaty harmony, and fish glide by in waters below. What will you discover on this journey into the heart of Canada's southern wilderness'
Experience the awe and excitement of the people who first traveled this far-flung and fascinating world. Bring a child-like curiosity and leave behind the list of to-do's. You don't even need the phone. As this creek sweeps you along enjoy the music of birdsong and dive into an experience no camera can capture. kilometers of unadulterated backwoods beckon to all those who seek solace in nature and an escape from the man-made. As you dive deeper into the Carolinian core of the creek a lazy flow curves into subtle currents. Maneuverability will be tested as those who seek passage duck under fallen trees and bump over sunken logs. In Canada's most biodiverse eco-system creatures of every kind travel through the undergrowth ' slithering and scattering away from searching eyes. Bobcat paw prints, muskrat burrows, and beaver dams tell of an abundant and active ecosystem. As the sounds of the surrounding flora and fauna fade the journey reaches its final rest at one of Ontario's South Coast Craft Breweries where great ales are served as stories are passed around the table. Big Creek beckons. Will you answer her call'
Package includes: - your boat and all paddling gear
- experienced Paddle Canada certified guide
- shuttle service
- visit to Craft Brewery

Shuttle from highway 403 & Highway 24 near Paris is an option.

to spark your imagination we've included trip photos & videos beneath the booking section below .

10% Off 25th Anniversary Sale
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