Self-Guided Grand River Group Trip

3 hr Group Trip
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This group trip launches from private docks at our historic 145 year old Outfitters shop in downtown Paris. Paddling past the town's historic riverside architecture, you soon leave civilization behind as nature offers plenty to see & do. This run is a relaxing section of the Grand River, with dashes of small swifts to keep your interest piqued. You can view Great Blue Herons, Ospreys, Mallard ducks, turtles & perhaps white-tailed deer along the riverbank with an occasional Bald Eagle. Stop & explore rare Carolinian forest lining the banks of the Grand. Experience the Grand as First Nations people did hundreds of years ago.

In this section of the river, you can take time to experience one of the many cold springs feeding into the river. If you approach quietly, you might spot a beaver or a muskrat as you float past Whiteman's Creek. The trip ends in Brant Conservation Area by Brantford. As you reach the Conservation Area the river forms a 3 km long lake. A great thing about our Cayuga Run is you can land soon as you reach our Camp GECKO Landing at Brant Park, or you stretch out your trip in Brant's Lake, paddling past our landing to explore the Park's shoreline & several islands. With little current in 'the lake' you can easily paddle back up to our landing after some extra exploring.

After landing you'll be on your way home when our shuttle picks you up with some great memories to last you till your next trip. This trip can launch any time from 8:30 am to 2:30 p.m.. Shuttle times back to Paris are 12:30, 3:30 & 5:30 p.m..

Parking at our outfitters shop in Paris & riding our shuttle back from Brant Park Conservation Area after your trip saves you the Park's $6/person Entrance Fee.
as an alternative you can park at Brant Conservation & ride our shuttle to Paris before your trip and then paddle back to your vehicle. park entrance fee is $6/person.

There are no extra County of Brant Fees on this trip.

Prices are for groups of 12 or more boats

Brank Park has great riverside campsites & picnic areas if you are interested.

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