Mysterious Nith River Expedition

5 hr Guided Trip
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The Nith River runs wild across South Central Ontario, providing a unique experience available while Sprig rain brings the river to life. This rare 2 day guided trip offers a classic paddling adventure along a 50 km stretch of forested route, ranging from serene, gentle water, to exciting whitewater.

Your first day is on the Upper Nith, tranquil waters meandering thru miles of secluded forest. Skirting around the historic village of Ayr, the few signs of civilization are remains of a forgotten rural Ontario. Abandoned dams & interesting twists in the river add a little excitement, while old iron bridges provide background for some great story telling from your guide.

Your second day on the Lower Nith will have a different tone. As the elevation drops, features like Devil's Cave and a series of mild rapids appear, creating a fantastic opportunity to use the skills you have developed. Your guide is experienced at providing customized instructional support, in order to master running the whitewater at the end of the adventure. Throughout this, scenery remains stunning, and the opportunities for wildlife sighting never stop.

This trip is available in April and May* and includes:
' 2 day Guiide advneture paddling upper & lower Nith River
' 1 night Lodge accommodation at choice of 3 Inn
' experienced Paddle Canada certified guides
' Historical and natural interpretation of the Nith River region
' Customized instruction based on your paddling skill level
' Warm campfire lunch with BBQ chicken & our Famous Maple Chili
' All your paddling gear, including PFD, Neoprene wetsuit
' 10 minute shuttle to your launch site
' Pics of your trip, shot with our waterproof camera

*Best in early Spring & Fall. In late spring, trips dependent on flow conditions. Available weekends in April & May. Available weekdays for groups of 3 or more

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You can order by phone, on-line or in person at the show or our shop in Paris. While a date is needed for on-line orders, dates are flexible & you can change it any time up to 2 days before trip date

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