Nith River Forest Hiking Experience

5 hr Guided Trip
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A real outdoor adventure in the forest along the Nith River, experience a wilder place. Here we teach wildlife exploration & survival skills. You experience how to navigate through the forest to not get lost, plus find and interpret animal tracks. Explore the semi-wilderness landscape, experience building a lean-to shelter in the forest plus learn to build a campfire like a pro.

You will work up an appetite on this adventure so we include a warm campfire lunch where we cook our famous Maple Chili over the open campfire that you helped build. This in an interactive experience and includes playing a game based on orienteering (finding your way) skills that your guide has taught you in the forest. Your guides will help you use GPS, smart phone, maps & other nature based skills your guides will teach you to find your way on this wilderness style adventure.

Hiking back to our Outfitters Shop in Paris, you can go for a walk about the historic town with your guide, discovering Alexander Graham Bell's connections with Paris plus many other legends of the Town, including how how we got our name. Then head out to 1 of Paris' many establishments to enjoy the Apr's Hike. Cobblestone Pub is right next door & across the road is the Spoke & Paddle at the historic Arlington Hotel. Just down the street is Silverstone Caf', Two Rivers Caf' & the Pub at Stillwaters Plate & Pour. Paris is the the Heart of Ontario's capital of Apr's Hike.

- Knowledgeable & experienced certified Guide
- maps, GPS
- we bring Waterproof camera to record the adventure
- Hot chocolate at own warm Outfitters Shop along the Grand River
- Hearty campfire lunch, delicious famous Maple Chili. Vegetarian available

Available Dates. Fall & Winter 2020/2021

You can order by phone, on-line or in person at the show or our shop in Paris. While a date is needed for on-line orders, dates are flexible & you can change it any time up to 2 days before trip date

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