Journeys of Discovery 4 day 3 Night Adventure

5 hr Group Trip
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Our Journeys of Discovery - Search for Lost Communities program builds your groups hiking &/or paddling skills plus incorporates Orienteering & outdoor survival skill with experiencing the environment and exploring the region's history & cultures.
Participants learn to use the most modern navigation methods for orienteering using GPS and computer tablets (iPads & smart phones) plus traditional compasses & topographic maps. They will also learn to use 'Nature's GPS', orienteering by the sun & natural landmarks and looking at the stars during our overnight camping to learn how they can provide directions for our Journey.

4 Day/3 Night Journey of Discover (DEA Gold Award Qualifying Journey) Combined river by canoe, kayak &/or raft trip with hiking along the Nith River Forest Northwest of Paris. The group will paddle various sections of the Nith to refresh & expand their paddling skills under guidance from Paddle Canada Instructors guided and use their new orienteering to locate their destination. The group will set up a camp, plan & prepare their meals for Qualifying Journey, They will also work with their orienteering and navigation skills on hikes through the Nith River Forest.
Cost: $359/person + HST Includes experienced guides, rafting trip, orienteering equipment/instruction, camping equipment, shuttle from Paris, food (participants need to bring sleeping bag & pillow)
Location: Canning, Ont. 8 kilometres Northwest of Paris

Pricing lists Canoe but your trip can be your choice of canoe, kayak, raft, Voyageur Canoe, hiking &/or any combination. Participants do qualify for Paddle Canada Canoe Certification.

Training Daytrip & 2 Day/1 Night Practice Journey available - listed separately

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