Riptide Kayak

length 14' 2"
width 27"
weight 49 lbs
capacity 340 lbs

 Retail - $1195    

 2020 Summer Sale - $999 

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Riptide is a unique design in a Sport Touring Kayak.  Its combination of V-shaped hull & sharp bow gives it straight tracking & speed, while its high volume 14ft hull provides stability, capacity & maneuverability. Able to accommodate larger paddlers, its handling ease makes it great for every size paddler.  New paddlers like it's stability & tracking and serious paddlers like its performance on bigger water.  Plus it has the storage space for more serious trips with a comfortable spacious cockpit, bow & stern shock cords for on deck storage & 2 large water-tight hatches for safe storage below deck.   The Riptide's smart blended design makes it a good all-around Touring Kayak for all kinds of paddling trips & it really shines touring on large Lakes.  It's the boat our experienced guides use in our Long Point Sea Kayaking Clinics & Trips.


Available in range of colours, Red, Blue, 3 Greens, Yellow, Orange, Purple white, black & any combination of these colours. Check our Flickr Photo Site to view kayak colours

Canadian Made - 5 year warranty =  Best Qualilty, Best Price

Riptide is Canadian made of 3 layers of roto-molded polyethylene with areated middle layer to keep the kayak lighter at 49lbs. Triple laminate also makes the hull stiffer so that it cuts thru the water with less resistance. Relatively light yet the toughest boat on the market.