Riptide Kayak

length 14' 2"
width 27"
weight 49 lbs
capacity 340 lbs

 New - $1049    


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The Riptide is a unique design in a Sport Touring Kayak.  The kayaks combination of V-shaped hull & sharp bow gives it straight tracking & speed, while its high volume 14ft hull provides stability & maneuverability. Able to accommodate larger paddlers, its handling ease makes it great for every size paddler.  New paddlers like it's stability & tracking and serious paddlers like its performance on bigger water.  Plus it has the storage space for more serious trips with a comfortable spacious cockpit, bow & stern shock cords for on deck storage & 2 large water-tight hatches for safe storage below deck.   The Riptide's smart blended design makes it a good all-around Touring Kayak for everyone.

Includes 5 Year Warranty

Available in a wide range of colours, Red, Blue, Hunter Green, Kahki Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple & any combination of 2 of these colours plus white or black as 2nd colours