Spirit Kayak

length 13"
width 25"
weight 42 lbs
capacity 300 lbs

Regular Retail $950  preSeason $759

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.Lifetime Warranty on Spirit Kayaks       email for details

Good all-round kayak. Flat-bottom, rounded hull, retractable skeg (fin) gives good handling in all types of water. Stable, manueverable & straight-tracking, Spirit is versatile enough to do well in both flat & moving water. Suited for rivers & small lakes.  It's the boat our professional guides prefer to use.    contact us for details email


wide range of colours available: Red, Blue, 3 different Greens, Yellow, Orange, Purple, White & any 2 colours mixed. See our Flickr Photo site 

Canadian Made & 5 year warranty =  Great Qualilty, Great Price

Below is a Cross section of the Spirit's construction. Triple laminate is lighter, has built-in flotation & makes the hull stiffer so it cuts thru water with less resistance.  Relatively light yet toughest boat on the market.