Spirit Kayak

length 13"
width 25"
weight 42 lbs
capacity 300 lbs

$825 Regular   5 yr warranty 

1 yr old boats $449 lowered to $425 with paddle

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Spirit Kayak is the craft our professional guides use the most.  A great all-round kayak with a flat-bottomed, rounded-hull geometry making it very easy to handle in all types of water.  It's stable hull design is complimented with a retractable fin (skeg) that enables the Spirit to track straight as an arrow across open water.  When the fin is retracted the Spirit becomes super maneuverable and can be paddled with ease in small rapids.  So the Spirit is versatile enough to handle both flat and moving water and is perfectly suited for rivers & small lakes.

Available in a wide range of colours, Red, Blue, Hunter Green, Kahki Green, Lime Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple or any 2 of theses colours mixed.  White or black are also available 2nd colours.   i.e. photo shows a red/yellow plus a Lime Green/Hunter Green.

 5 year warranty


The Spirit is made of 3 layers of roto-molded polyethylene with the middle layer being areated to keep the kayak lighter at 42lb and providing flotation built into the hull. .Relatively light yet the toughest boat on the market. The Spirit is ideal for all kinds of paddling trips & we use the Spirit for most all of our guided trips & lessons outside of sea kayaking.  It's the boat our experienced guides prefer to use and is our No. 1 Selling Boat.

includes a 5 year warranty