Muskoka Kayak

length 11' 8"
width 26"
weight 42 lbs
capacity 275 lbs


With 2020/21 Shortage, Boats are made-to-order with Spring delivery date. Order now r to avoid 2022 Shortage

Check our Spirit & Riptide Kayaks as alternatives

 The Muskoka is a recreational-day touring crossover kayak.  It is stable and compact like a recreational kayak but fast and sleek like a touring model.  The cockpit area is spacious offering lots of leg room. 

- padded seat with pump up lumbar support  - deck rigging
- adjustable footstops                                  - integrated paddle rest
- minicell foam bulkhead                              - self rescue straps
- 2 watertight storage compartments             - carry handles

 The Muskoka is a great choice if you are looking for something sporty, small & light.

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Available in range of colours; Firestorm Red/orange,  Sky - Blue/white,  Seafoam Green/yellow,   Fusion Blue/Teal,   Storm White/Black,  
Stormy Sky Blue/Black/White,   plus solid Yellow,  & solid Red   Colour Samples shown below plus check our our Flickr page for more kayak photos in different colours



Muskoka Manufacture Pic

kayak colours