Inuvik Kayak

length 13"
width 28"
weight 49 lbs
capacity 350 lbs

$925 Regular
Note; Backordered until August 2021
Check our Riptide & Spirit Kayaks as alternatives 
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13 ft Recreational kayak with wide body & extra roomy cockpit & watertight storage hatch. And very comfortable seat. High volume bow & large opening has enough space to stretch, enjoy the sun, bring a small child or pet along, go fishing or stow any kind of gear. It's Greenland shaped bow plus sharp entry point makes it fairly quick to paddle for such a roomy, stable kayak and enables it to handle rough water comfortably.   It has a V-shaped hull with a keel makes it a track straight very nicely.   Stable, spacious, easy to handle.  Inuvik also has a large stern hatch plus watertight bulkhead for dry storage. Made of indestructible triple layer roto-molded polyethylene. Extra large cockpit opening 18" x 51" maks itcomfortable & roomy.   Available in a range of colours (see below)



Clearwater colours