Adirondack Canoe

length 14'


depth 16"
weight 69 lbs
capacity 750 lbs

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 The Adirondack is a great fishing & family canoe with its wider hull that gives this canoe extra stability & plenty of leg room.  Stable enoughto standup & cast from The Adirondack has a traditional canoe keel to help it track straight through the waters.  Made of tough triple laminate roto-molded polyethylene, wit aerated inner layer that provide light weight and floatation built into the hull. 

Adirondack is an ultra stable canoe perfect for fishing & Familes. Its 38" wide flat bottomed hull makes it stable enough to stand & cast from plus gives it enough capacity to carry 750 lbs. of gear, kids & the family dog.  It's 14ft. length makes it easy to paddle & transport.   Made in Canada from triple laminate roto-molded polyethylene, it is one of the toughest materials on the market plus it's lighter with an aerated inner layer that provides lower boat weight plus flotation built into the hull.  

Canadian Made - 5 year warranty -  Great Qualilty & Price

Range of available colours:  Canoe Red • Muskoka Blue • Hunter Green • Bright Yellow 

adirondack14_profiles.jpgTriple Layer rotomolded polyethylene

*The Adirondack is available with a square stern for the attachment of a trolling motor for all you fishermen.  See separate Listing