Safety Records and Risk Management Plans

Grand Experiences has an excellent safety record. We are going into our 20th season.  Last year we did 3,500 trips for 11,000 people. In total we have done trips for over 180,000 people & have had no accidents or injuries requiring medical care.

Our trips include individuals, families, schools, guides/scouts, corporate & community groups, ranging from 3 to 300 people in size. We put safety first & attribute our success to the following efforts:

  • We have more experience on the waters we paddle than anyone
  • Our staff are well trained and experienced plus certified by Paddle Canada
  • We work closely with the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) on river conditions. Grand & Nith Rivers have real time flow rate & temperature monitoring so we accurately know river conditions before a trip.
  • We have years of experience monitoring weather conditions with Intellecast, Radar Monitoring Systems to know accurately what type of weather to expect
  • If the water or weather conditions are unsafe we postpone the trip until conditions are good.
  • Before a trip we do safety & skills orientations. Many of our staff are Paddle Canada Instructors.
  • No one goes on a trip if we feel there is potential for an unsafe situation.
  • We provide all safety gear including CSA approved PFDs, marine safety kits  and use top quality paddling equipment which is regularly inspected.
  • Our canoes are triple layer, roto-molded polylaminate 16ft Prospector-style canoes. The toughest on the market & the Prospector is regarded as the best overall handling canoe model.
  • Our kayaks are high volume, exceptionally stable and thus easy to handle.
  • We will provide a list of acceptable clothing/gear for the trips and take any precautions if temperatures are low. Supplying neoprene wetsuits when required.
  • We are one of the few Grand River outfitting companies fully insured on land & water.
  • We have a Weather Safety Policy . If the water or weather conditions are unsafe we postpone the trip until conditions are good.

Note: Paddling is an outdoor adventure. As such, there are inherent risks difficult to mitigate. The best way to stay safe is to use your best judgement, follow all instruction & use equipment properly.