Otter Creek Experience

New adventure on an old nearly forgotten canoe route running thru southern Oxford County towards. Used by region's original Natives & then…

A Show for the Adventurer at Heart

This weekend, Grand Experiences will be at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure show and let me tell you, I’m excited. We have been going to that s…

A Rare Gem, Right in Our Backyard

People don’t realize what is right in their backyard when it comes to eco-tourism destinations, and one of the most overlooked places is the…

Paris Maple Syrup Festival – A True Small Town Experience

We are blessed to be located in what has been hailed as one of the prettiest small towns in Canada and also one of the eight best hamlets to…

Exposing the Mysteries of the Upper Nith

Wilderness and seclusion is not always a forest in some Northern destination, but can sometimes be hidden away in your own backyard.

Not for the Faint of Heart - The Lower Nith

The Lower Nith river is where mystery gives way to adventure and the river comes to its grand finale. The Lower Nith comes to a fantastic bo…

A Heritage Adventure is Waiting for You

The Grand River is Southern Ontario’s largest river, but is somehow overlooked by adventurers and paddlers alike. The Grand is easily access…

Trip Specials

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  • Nith Spring Whitewater
  • Grand Canoe Experience
  • Voyage Into Paradise
  • Long Point Sea Kayaking
  • Grand Eco-adventure Experience
  • Many more available in our menus

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