PADDLE - wrote the book Paddling the Grand River  canoe, kayak, voyageur canoe the Canadian Heritage River + Nith River,  Otter & Big Creeks, Long Point Bay

BIKE  Ont.Signature Experience in St. Jacobs Mennonite Country + new tour in rural Southwest Ont

HIKE 2 UNESCO World Biospheres, rare Carolinian Forest •  Long Point,  Bruce Trail Niagara EscarpmentNith River Forest

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Ontario's South Coast along Lake Erie has Long Point World Biosphere & Big Creek National Wildlife Area. Internationally recognized UNESCO World Biosphere with world’s 2nd longest sand peninsula, Long Point's protected bay's warm,calm waters & amazing scenery make a paddler's paradise. Long Point Bay Sea Kayaking adventures & the wilderness style experiences in nearby Big Creek's Amazon-like rain forest make these near-wilderness paddling routes are 1 of South Ontario's best-kept secrets

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Big Creek Eco-Adventures 

• Big Creek Eco-Adventure Daytrip

 Big Creek Overnight Getaway 

• 2 Day Big Creek Eco-adventure

Long Point World Biosphere Sea Kayaking  June to mid Sept

Instructional Sea Kayak Clinic & Guided Tour

Ontario South Coast Getaway Big Creek & Long Point



World-class hikes to amazing places hidden in South Central Ontario. 2 UNESCO World Biospheres & a Canadian Heritage River with beautiful rare Carolinian Forests, home to unique tree and wildlife species only found in this region. Canada’s most biodiverse.

the Bruce Trail the Niagara Escarpment, Grand River Valley, Nith River Forest plus Long Point's magnificent Old Growth Forests. South Ontario's largest Forest's.

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Guided Interpretative Hikes Fall, Winter, Summer

• Bruce Trail Daytrip     

Nith River Forest       

LongPoint World Biosphere   


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Path Less Travelled cycling tour of St. Jacobs Mennonite Country. Winds thru beautiful countryside: meadows, woodlots, backroads & trails, stopping to discover Old Order Mennonite farms, craftsmen & artisans. In the evening enjoy luxury of a fine hotel. In the day enjoy famous St. Jacobs market & Village shops, sampling region's food, craft beer, history & culture. The Path Less Travelled is the Best!  

• 2 Day/1 night Getaway Package   

• Daytrip - Cycling St Jacobs Country Amazing Fall Colours


Ontario Southwest Signature Experience


Nith Whitewater Experiential Learning Adventure   Take your paddling to the next level as rivers rise in the Fall. Explore the Nith running wild & unknown across Southwest Ont.  Perfect for Experiential Learning, starting calm & becoming more challenging as you paddle downstream, building to big finish in exhilarating whitewater run.

Ont Southwest's Signature Experience Video

• 15 sec. Trailer.        • Full 2 minute video.

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Upper Nith River Experience  different kind of wild. Calm with occasional swifts, winding by Rare Carolinian Forest. Explore early Settlement remanents & learn First Nations legends as Eagles soar overhead.  as part of Cnada's Banana Belt our Nith trips run from mid Oct. to Nov.

2 Day Nith Experiential Learning Adventure.  Combine Upper & Lower Nith for a complete adventure

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